Saturday, May 13, 2006

What a great week for Live Poker.

What a great week for Live Poker.

My regular Tuesday night tournament game was a decent win for me for the 3rd time in the last month. At present I am the leading cash winner and tied for second in points. My showing the week before was not near as enjoyable, but the game is always an experience I try not to miss.

Last night I played in a new higher stakes tournament game and it was a big win for me. The cash game before the tournament was a real confidence builder as we played Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo (not my best games) and I managed to win some big hands as well.

And then the tide changed and the internet was not my friend.

Played today on Doyle’s Room and Bodog Poker in Multi-Table Tournaments for WSOP Main Event Seats and it started out with Doyle’s Room having system problems with their payment system, so players could not rebuy in a rebuy tournament (a serious problem, I am sure you can imagine) and ended up losing some large hands on Bodog with a King High Flush. It is time to take the rest of the day off from poker.

Tomorrow has to be a better day.

More WSOP Main Event Seats tournaments tomorrow, I am already going, but hey I will take another seat for a friend or the cash equivalent.

Lots of Casino Tournaments in Southern California this week, Both Commerce and Hollywood Park have big games and I expect to be there someplace.

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