Friday, July 14, 2006

My 1st Cash in the WSOP

My 1st Cash in the WSOP!

It's not that 283rd place is an accomplishment that I am normally proud of; but now with so many entrants and the fields are so huge, it is very difficult to make it in the money. There were 2,849 entrants in Event #17 the JULY 10, 2006 $1000 no limit hold'em event, so you see how many people had to lose just to get where I finished. There are a lot of people who go a whole WSOP without cashing, so it is also a small confidence booster. The stats aren't too bad: 1st cash (so far) in my first year of play at the WSOP. Anyway, the $1517 I cashed is hardly enough to brag about (or to break even with, having played 3 events); but I thought everyone might like to know. Event # 17 was the largest single day event in the history of the World Series of Poker.

I had a great coaching session with Poker Specialist Barry Tannenbaum the day before the event and I am certain it helped with my results. I also took some the advice I got from my good friend and tournament poker genius Alex Outhred.

Event 31, the $2,000 no limit hold’em event beginning on July 21, is in my sites now and I am focusing on what I need to do make a good finish in that event.

The Main event of the 2006 World Series of Poker is now only two weeks away. I am hopeful I will be in group A, which means my start date will be the 28th and that I can focus on playing favorable situations which will allow me to build my chip stack and put me in good shape for my second day of play. This will give me the opportunity to relax and get some rest before my second day. Of course, this means I have play smart in order to make it through to the end of the first day of play. Each of the four groups of 2000 will continue play on the starting day until 800 players remain. This could easily mean that day one will be twelve to 14 hours of play with limited breaks.

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