Saturday, June 16, 2007

Favorite Los Angeles Area Casino

After playing at all of the Casinos in Los Angeles, I have to say I have found a favorite.

After some very successful tournament play and some fun cash game play, my favorite is Crystal Park Casino.

I still play regularly at Harrah's Rincon and occasionally in Oceanside at Ocean's 11 and in Lake Elsinore at Lake Elsinore, but for the best tournament structure, Crystal Park is my handsdown favorite. It is also easier to get to than any of the rest and has the most flexible tournament schedule.

I can leave my house at 6:00 PM using the 73 toll road to the 4o5 and be at Crystal Park in under 50 minutes normally at the longest its taken is about an hour and 10 minutes.

They have the Summer Slam coming up July 19, 2007 and I plan to play every event of that tournament schedule.

I opted out of the 2007 World Series as my travel schedule this year is a direct conflict for the main event and being in the South Pacific for over 2 weeks takes a little more planning and strategy to be ready for.

I expect the Summer Slam will be a great work out for the 2007 Legends of Poker at the Bike coming up in August and September.

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